Introduction: "Hellboy' Reliquary Prop.

This is a simple project that is ideal as a costume accessory. This is my version of the reliquary that was used in Hellboy.

Step 1: Parts Needed.

Years back I had bought several of these Halo figures at a dollar store, mostly because the heads fit my 3 3/4 inch figures. I saved the containers they came in for future use. However any clear bodied container can be used for this because there is no set design for a reliquary.

First of all, I used glue to glue the bottom of the container on securely, in this case I used E6000 glue and let it set for two days.

For the "Bone" that goes inside I made that from...

Step 2: Making the "Bone"

… A cut off section of glue stick and white air dry compound. This little package came from the Dollar General store. I rolled out a piece of the compound and wrapped it around the glue stick core, then rough shaped it and likewise set that aside to dry.

After a day or so I used my exacto knife to roughen up the surface to make it look more like a bone.

Step 3: Affixing the Lid.

I used the tip of exacto knife to bore a tiny hole in the middle of the lid, then I used a jewelry head pin to make a closed loop and threaded it through the hole and securely glued the loop ends underneath the lid. To insure it stayed put, I glued down a small piece of scrap tooling sheet metal onto the underside of the lid. After that I put the fake bone inside it, then ran a circle of E6000 glue onto the rim of the cylinder and set the lid in place on top and set it aside to dry. To make sure the glue didn't run down the cylinder I turned it upside down and let it dry.

Step 4: Painting It.

I masked off the clear cylinder and used Rose Gold acrylic paint to paint the end caps. After it dried I painted Mod Podge over it to seal and protect the paint.

Like I said before, any small clear container can be used for this project as long as it has a sealable lid or cap. Old Reliquaries that held "Holy Relics Of The Saints" had no standardized design. And this is an easy to make prop for a Halloween costume or decoration.

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