Introduction: Hellboy-style Gun From Toy Gun.

This is a commercially-made toy gun that can be repainted into the gun from Hellboy.

Step 1: Toy Gun.

A year back I was in the local Dollar General store and I saw THIS toy gun and it looked to me like it would make a good Hellboy Samaritan-style prop gun. This gun has a swing-out cylinder and comes with 12 bullets and two quick loaders. This is an easy project to do as well.

Step 2: Taking It Apart.

I unscrewed the arm that the cylinder was on and removed it. I then used masking tape to mark the limits of the slots that are cut into the sides of the cylinders. I then used my mototool to cut the slots that exposes the sides of the bullets in their chambers.

Step 3: Painting the Gun.

I looked up images of the gun and determined that the body of the gun was black and the grips brown. So I masked off the grips and the orange tip of the gun, because it is illegal here in Texas to paint over or remove it, then spray painted it and the cylinder black. I let it dry one day then gave it a second coat and let it dry another day. Afterwards I unmasked the grips then wrapped the rest of the gun to prevent overspray.

I then spray painted the grips brown and let it dry one day, then gave it a second coat and let it dry another day.

Afterwards I googled the BPRD symbol and saved it, then reversed the image and printed it out as small as possible. I then taped two of them to a piece of tooling foil I had and used a ballpoint pen to transfer the reversed image into the foil. I then cut them out and hot glued them onto each side of the grip.

And that is all I had to do to it. It is not an exact copy of Hellboys' gun but it is close enough to use with a costume or prop. And it is an easy project to do for Halloween.

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