Introduction: Hemming Jeans the Easy Way

I can't even begin to tell you how many needles I've broken while trying to hem jeans. At one point I was going to don safety glasses to protect my eyes from flying needles! But no more! I thought there has to be a better way and today I will show you just what I do. I consider this my 12 Step Program to Hemming Jeans.

Step 1: Measuring

Start out by measuring from the inner crotch to how many inches long the legs need to be. My husband has short legs and needs his pants to be 27 inches. I need one inch to fold up so I mark 28 inches with a Sharpie.

Step 2: Ruler

Mark straight across with a ruler.

Step 3: Cutting

Cut and save the piece.

Step 4: The 2nd Leg

Use it to measure the second leg, mark and cut it.

Step 5: Serger or Sewing Machine

If the only reason I bought my serger was to hem jeans then it was money well spent! Serge all the way around, just barely trimming. Yes I know it's white thread, and I know I should change it to blue, but I hate changing it and besides who's going to see the inside of Hubby's pants? If you don't have a serger I'm sure you could do a zig-zag stitch using your sewing machine. We just want to stop the fray.

Step 6: Pinning

Remember that extra inch when you measured? Fold the jeans up one inch and pin.

Step 7: Pin All the Way Around

Pin all the way around.

Step 8: Lay Flat

Make sure everything lays flat.

Step 9: Stitching

Use your sewing machine, and with blue thread, stitch all the way around. I like to follow the serger line.

Step 10: Ironing

Iron everything flat.

Step 11: Optional (for Looks)

This step is purely optional but it will look more professional if you do it. Change your thread to gold and, using your sewing machine, sew around about a 1/2 inch from the edge.

Step 12: Backstitching

Because the hem is only doubled over you can even backstitch over the seams, something I could never do if I had them folded up twice without risking a broken/bent/flying needle.

Step 13: Finished

Finished.  After a few washes the hem looks even more authentic, and if you're impatient you can rub sandpaper or a nail file over the hem for that original look.  I'm sure there are a zillion different ways to hem jeans but this is what works for me. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial :)