Introduction: Hershey Kiss Wrapper Cards

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This easy card consists of printer paper and garbage from a DELICIOUS Hershey Kiss! I hope you enjoy this Ible and please VOTE FOR THIS IBLE IN THE FIRST TIME AUTHORS CONTEST AND GLUE CONTEST 2016 thanks!

Step 1: What You Need

Printer paper
4 Hershey kiss wrappers neatly unwrapped

Step 2: Cut Card

Fold the printer paper in half then cut 3inches off the bottom of the card. This should sorta make a square.

Step 3: Adding the Wrappers

On the plain colored side of the wrapper apply glue and stick onto the card. do this with all the wrappers.

Step 4: On the Inside

Glue the little tags of the Hershey Kiss onto the bottom of the inside part of the card. It's cute and it is not wasting any part...

Step 5: The Most Important Step

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