Introduction: Hex Nut D6

This is a new spin on an old classic. I have played table top games for years spending many nights exploring dungeons and fighting dragons, my trusty dice by my side. A slow day at work i was playing around with some nuts and bolts and came up with this fun idea, and thought it make the perfect Christmas gift for my gaming group.

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need (note: I'm making a 1/4 inch pieces you can do bigger pieces out smaller if you want)
6 1/4 hex nuts
1 1/4 x 2 inch carriage bolt
making tape or painters tape
drill or electric screw driver
spray paint

not pictured
tooth picks

Step 2: Setting the Hex Nuts

the first piece you want to get on as tight as possible.

use a tooth pick to apply a decent amount of glue just around the top of the nut make sure to not get to much in the threads

after the first nut it is more important to be straight than tight get it as tight as you can but a uniform straightness is what we are looking for

continue repeating this step till all 6 are on there the 5th but i put a little more glue on to make sure everything stays in place and on the 6th i didn't put any on the top as to give the final product a more clean result

Step 3: Tapping

once you allow the allotted time for the glue to dry

apply tape going around pretty much everything (rule for painting if you don't tape it your going paint it)

i used my finger nail to go around the groves so that i could mark my pips easier (fun fact the dots on a dice are called pips)

Step 4: Mark Your Pips

take your sharpie and mark your pips make sure opposite sides add up to be 7 the order i did was 1-5-3-6-2-4

Step 5: Drill the Pips

if you have a bench clamp id recommend you use that i don't so I just used a wrench

for the drill bit i used a 1/8th bit

just go one side at a time

try to get them straight as you can but i recommend when you start you have to comitt to it if you mess up the tape i will show a fix in the next step

Step 6: Fixing Whoops

if you scratch the tape that means paint can get thru all you need to do is get a small piece of tape and cover the goof up and re drill if needed

Step 7: Spray Paint

remember if you don't tape it your going to paint it so make sure it's all covered don't forget the tips and spray paint and allow it to dry

Step 8: Let's Roll Out

once it's dry take the tape off and we're done you can spin it like a top with a little practice or just roll it on the table

well that's it hope you enjoy the idea if you like it vote for it in the home made gift contest

thank you and may the dice roll in your favor

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