Introduction: HexBug BattleBot

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Hi everyone this is cool instructable to make or play with your friends and family, hope you have fun.

Step 1: Materials

1) 2 Hexbug Spiders ( you can also take the spider xl ,Hexbug scarab or
scarab xl)
2) Hotglue gun
3) Some wire ( it can be any wire,I used some copper plated ss wire.)
4) Scale


Step 2: Making the Weapon

Take some wire and measure 12 inch (30 cm).Then bend the wire a little at its half length (6 inch).

Step 3: Joining the Wire to the Robot

Take the wire and wrap it below the HexBug spider's head,with the help of a plaier twist the joint where the wire's meet upto 3•5 cm ,then using the hotglue gun glue the wire to your desired place.

Step 4: Making the Claw

Now spread the two wire's into 180° ,then turn the two ends with length 2cm at 90° with a slight curve at the angle,make a different weapon and attach it to the second spider and your very own mini battlebot pair is ready.

Step 5: Other Weapon's

you can make other weapons beside the claw using wires or any other material's, for example a shield or a spear.