Introduction: Hidden Box Safe

Here is a simple sliding hidden box. Can be used to hide what ever you want. From a present for your spouse, keep a little extra cash in the house, or maybe your personal protection. I have made these for local police officers and they love them!

This can be built as with tools as simple as circular say and a hammer.

However I used a table saw, and a brad nail gun to do most of my work with a couple of clamps as well.

you will need a 1"x4" @ 4'

I used a piece of masonite for the face of the box approximately 3/16" thick,

I got a nice back board from an old pizza board It's approximately 5/16" thick,

wood glue and some 1 1/2" brad nails and some wood filler

also a magnetic child safety lock. (I don't have any pictures of installing the locks as I don't want to give away the opening on them however they are very easy to install and should be done to truly make this a safe!)

Step 1: Starting Cuts!

For the 1"x4" we will build the frame of the box. Here is the cut list.

2 @ 11.5"

2 @ 8"

For the backer board We will need to cut it to 8" x 10"

I didn't cut the masonite face board yet. I wanted to make sure I got a good fit after I got everything assembled.

Step 2: Cleaning Up the Frame Boards!

I didn't my box to sit 3.5" from the wall so I trimmed the 1x4's down so they were 2.75"

I then moved in .25" from the end of the board to put a dado in the frame boards. I went a fuzz over an 1/8" deep with my dado I wanted to make sure I knew my measurement here so I can cut my face board for a smooth fit!

Step 3: Assembly

I use wood glue on the edges of the 2-8" pieces and 1 of the 11.5" pieces. and clamp them down (make sure your dado's are all lined up and on the inside of your box!) then shoot a few brad nails into them. After it all dries then slap some wood filler on it to clean up any imperfections you want to hide. Then we will move onto the face board!

Step 4: Face Board/ Hidden Door

since the face board will be sliding into the dado's we made in the frame boards we want a smooth slide without wiggling around to make the sliding sides as unrecognizable as possible.

I cut my face board to 8.25" x 10.25"

To make sure I attach the last side to the face board in the proper spot I slid the face board into the assembled pieces then slid last piece on and marked where the face board sits in the dado. Then pulled it out and put a bead of glue in the dado and put the face board in.

* I forgot to include a picture of the finished door piece. I also take a piece of the 1x4 that was taken off of the 8" piece and glued it to the inside of the "door" for a little extra support on the bond for the face board.

Since I plan on these being hung up I mark out and put 2 holes in the back so can be easily hung after finished.

Step 5: Box Is Ready for Finish!

Box is ready for you to put your own finishing touches into it! paint it up stain it or just have fun with it!!!

the masonite does need a light sanding to get paint to hold nicely to it!

Let me know your thought!

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