Introduction: Resin and Brass Coasters

As you will notice in the pictures the brass in the epoxy changes .... I had a booboo i dropped the one I started with and the resin shattered.... So I had to rush to get another ready to go. This time I made 2 sometimes I learn a little. LOL

Step 1: Mold

I didn't have any melamine on hand so I used a polypropylene tape to seal the mold to prevent the resin from bonding to the wood.

I wanted to have a 4"x4" coaster when finished so I made my short pieces 4.25" and the longer ones were about 6" I wasn't so specific there since just needed them to be long enough to cover ends of the shorter pieces.

make sure to have all the surfaces the resin will be touching covered with the tape. I forgot a picture but also seal the corners and edges with a silicone. I used a clear(and forgot to photograph this) but using a black epoxy would probably be better so you can see how well you sealed it.

Step 2: Glue and Mixing

Now put a dab of hot glue on the casings and attach them to the mold. to prevent floating.

Now follow the directions of your epoxy and mix it up.

next have fun filling your molds!

Step 3: A Little Bubbly and a Little Heat!

Now some bubbles will be hitting the surface and floating in the resin so give it a little heat over the top.

You can use a heat gun I personally prefer a handheld propane torch. Careful not to burn the resin!

Now let sit and cure! Epoxy varies on this according to the one you are using.

Step 4: Break Out and Finish It Up!

Now carefully take the mold apart so you can remove the coasters! This is where i dropped my first take and saw my work shatter on the floor.

I then trimmed the edges on my mitre saw. (would of used table saw however it is currently being wired up as I recently upgraded my tablesaw).

I then sanded through the sandpaper run. 400........finishing at 2000.

Polish it up little and enjoy!

Step 5: Enjoy!

Now with it finished put it to work! If you liked this project please vote for it! I also did a resin keychain project to show how I use excess resin so it doesn't go to waste! Thanks for looking!

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