Introduction: Epoxy Keychains

Whenever I pour epoxy I feel like I always have just a little left over. So I decided to see what I could do to not waste it, while trying to figure it out a buddy suggested silicone molds like they use for candy, and soaps! So I went to amazon and found a pack of 8 star wars molds! "win in my book" I also picked up some I hooks and a keychain kit I think it can make 100 keychains and was like $5. So enough backstory lets get down to it!



mica powder or dye (optional for coloring)

silicone mold

keychain kit

torch or heat gun to get rid of bubbles

silicone releases spray

Step 1: Hand Cramps....

Ok pictured is everything I use. After the fatigue and hand cramps from mixing the epoxy for like 7-8 mins. (I can't remember how long the brand I got says exactly)

Give a generous spray of the silicone spray into the mold! If you miss a spot you will know when the epoxy is set....

Step 2: Lets Brighten Up the Day!

add a small amount of mica powder or dye and stir it in. If you want a darker color just add a little more until your content!

Then pour it into the mold!

after you let it set for about 10 mins i go back over with a handheld propane torch to pop the bubbles that rise on the back. remember don't get too close or hover on one spot too long. you won't only burn the epoxy but will ruin the mold! (and the silicone spray is flammable if you have any still sitting onto the mold) just be careful and practice safety!!!

Step 3: Completed Keychain!!!

After the epoxy has set. (check to see on your epoxy they all vary) Pop them out of the mold and admire how cool and easy that has been! lol

Next I drill a pilot hole for the I hook to go into.

(put a dab of super glue on threads of Ihook)

next put split ring in I hook and end of keychain and close it off!

Cool little gift for kids! stocking stuffers or take to a craft show and help recoup some cost of epoxy for minimal effort!

If you liked this idea try it have fun with it and vote for me! Thanks for looking!!

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