Introduction: Hidden Drawer Compartment

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Ever needed a place to hide your cash, a spare key, or something you may put in your wallet on a Saturday night that never ends up getting used, but just could find a good place to put it where there is only a tiny chance somebody would find it? Then you most likely didn't have a hidden drawer compartment.

This hidden compartment is something almost ANYONE can do. The only tools used were a pencil, ruler, a few sticker sheets (not necessary) and a small kitchen knife; things that are readily available to pretty much everyone.

I hope you enjoy this Instuctable. Thanks for taking a look!

Step 1: What You Need

The tools list may vary here depending on what you have, but this is what I used:

- Pencil
- Ruler
- Small kitchen knife (or anything that can cut through the material you have. Mine was hardboard)
- Sticker sheets (These help disguise the drawer compartment)
- Cardboard box

Thats all!

Step 2: Mark Out the Secret Compartment

Lets make the basic shape and size for our compartment.

1. Depending on how big your drawer is and what you want to hide, decide on the size of the compartment.
2. Draw out your compartment lid. Mine was 100mm x 100mm
3. Using your tool, cut out the lid. Using my kitchen knife was messy, so you may do a better job with other tools.

Step 3: Lid Hinge and Camouflaging

At the moment, the lid is kind of bovious and it has no way of lifting up. Lets camouflage it!

1. Grab your sticker sheets. I used these because they were readily available to me.
2. Cover the bottom of your drawer with them. This will help blend the lid with the rest of the drawer.
3. Cover the lid with sticker sheets also, but overlap them slightly and fold over the edge so there is a flap, but its not sticky, and also act as an invisible handle to open it up. (These 'flaps' can be seen in pictures 3 and 4)
4. To create a hinge, simply put a sticker on the hinged side as seen in pictures 3 and 4

Step 4: The Compartment

This step will vary for most people depending on the box you have, the kind of drawer, and the compartment size, so I will not have any steps. It is, however, very self explanatory.

Get a box that fits over it and stick it on the underside of the drawer, you can see how I did this in the pictures.

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