Introduction: Hide in Plain Sight

I chose to hide a house key in plain sight. Can you find it? In the following steps we will zoom in.
I included two hiding places, 1)one a little further away from the house door in the open and the other 2) right under the covered veranda where it is protected a little from the environment.
Whether you gain access to your home with a traditional key or via a smart device that activates a remote lock, power and/or internet can go down, so a hidden key could be important.

Step 1: Find a Spot That Will Camouflage the Key

In both cases there was nothing to build but rather existing design elements were used to secure the copper colored key in place. So there will be no additional supplies shown or discussed.

Step 2: Secure the Key in the Chosen Hiding Location

1) in the first location the galvanized mesh that supports the dry stack rock is held together with steel wire, which has a small piece of excess twist wire. This wire is placed through the eyelet of the key and hooked back, while the key is tucked within the rust colored rock.
2) in the second location the key is simply secured to an element of the rusting steel fence, in this case the short upward metal part of the ocotillo design of this fence.
In both examples the key was copper color. The key will fade/dull and rust over time, thus hiding the key even more. In this arid location, this will take time.

Step 3: That's All Folks!

Don't forget to tell your family / housekeeper where the key is, with occasional reminders! Test then key on the door. Slight rust will not affect the operation but best to wipe off residue rust before use.