Introduction: "Hide-in-plain-sight" Cat Litterbox

Build a cat litterbox that can be placed anywhere in your home.

Once you have the concept down, you'll need to go shopping for materials. We found the kind of storage cabinet we wanted for this project, took measurements at the store, then went hunting for a plastic container to serve as a litter tray. An inverted wire storage drawer served as an entrance/exit deck. We also needed four 1" L-brackets.

Step 1: Measure and Cut Ingress / Egress

You'll need to figure out where you want to put your exit door. I chose the panel facing away from a clear line of sight. Once cut, I tacked in .25" weatherstripping tape.

Step 2: Extra Hardware

This bit you will have to figure out on the fly, depending on your materials. After measuring the litter tray, I installed two L brackets on one end and a 4" shelf at the door. This ensures a snug fit and keeps the litter canopy from shifting.

Step 3: The Litter Canopy Cage

Invert the wire basket and mark where you want kitty to enter and leave the litter tray. Your entrance should be on the opposite side from the main entrance to the cabinet. The rationale for this is as your cat exits the box, excess sand from the tray drops through the cage and back into the tray. This helps cut down on messes outside the cabinet.

Use cutters to snip away cage wires where you've marked. Be sure to carefully file/grind any edges!

Step 4: Final Assembly

You'll need to make some adjustments depending on your materials. You don't want the canopy to move! I bolted it to the shelf on one side and to the L brackets on the other.

Be sure the litter tray can easily slide out for scooping and cleaning.

Hmmm. Looking at this photo, I may yet add another shelf at the entrance for the cats.

Step 5: Placement

In the house. Sophie approves.

We got a cabinet that locks. This is useful because it prevents the cats from coming out the front and getting excess sand on the floor. If your cabinet doesn't lock, Baby Cabinet Locks work well.

I can't speak for your cats, but we have two that use this box. With regular scooping / cleaning of the tray, odor hasn't been a problem.

That's it! My first instructable. Let me know what you think! :)

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