Introduction: Hide Your Bills in Your Phone!

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Hide your bucks in a non-invasive and undetectable place. Your phone!

Step 1: Materials and Parts

For this project you'll need:
- a phone
- a bill
- a very small flat head screwdriver ( you can find them at a hardware store)

Step 2: Cracking the Case.

Now that you have your parts and materials, you need to take off the back of your phone like you're changing its battery. Do this with your small screwdriver. If you can't do this then there will be another solution explained in a later step.

Step 3: Stash Your Cash

Take your bill and fold it hot dog style. Then fold hamburger style and place it on top of your battery. Once that is done you replace the back of the phone onto the phone. Turn on your phone and see that it works perfectly fine!

Step 4: Alternate Way

"If you can't take the back off your phone then clap your hands! If you can't take the back off your phone then clap your hands! If you, if you can't and you really want to show it-"
OK whatever. All you need is a phone case. Take off your phone case and take your folded bill and place it in your case. Then put your case back on your phone. Your Done! Please Vote!

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