Introduction: Hiding Valuables With Stuffed Toys

In this instructable, we're going to show you how to use a stuffed toy to hide things you don't wanna lose. If you like this please vote my instructable. So, let's dive right into it...


You will need: -

A stuffed toy

A container with a lid (must be able to fit inside stuffed toy)

A blade

Glue gun

Step 1: Cut Off the Stuffed Toy's Head

First of all, we will need to decapitate our stuffed toy with a blade

Step 2: Take Out Some Stuffing

Now we will have to take out enough stuffing from its body to fit the container inside it. Also take out some stuffing out of its head to fit the lid

Step 3: Placing the Container and Lid

Put the container inside the body and the lid inside the head as shown in the images. Make sure to fix them with a glue gun.

Step 4: Hiding Your Valueables

Now put the stuff you want to hide inside the container. Since the head has the lid inside it, it will act like one, put it on the body and close the container. Now your valuables are well hidden. Hope you liked my instructable :)

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