Introduction: High Heel Applique W/ QuickCure Clay

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Everyone has that one pair of shoes or more that fit but just don’t have the pizzazz they once had or maybe they do, but you just want them to be extra special. Well this might just be the Ible for you. This Instructable is achieved with a brand new clay called QuickCure Clay it is simply amazing . If you love clay but need it quick and being fashionable is right in your wheel house, then hold on to your boots cause here we go!

Let’s sculpt a pair of lush clusters of grapes for a plain black pair of high heels.


QuickCure Clay
Ceramic tile or safe work area for clay
Sculpting tools
Super glue
Alcohol inks
Well ventilated area
UV glaze resin
UV lamp
Paint brush
Isopropyl Alcohol
Corn starch or marble dust
Paper towels or baby wipes

Aluminum foil

Step 1: Preparing the Shoe and Work Area.

No matter what shoes you have to work with the first step is to create a design and then think about the location of your shoes appliqué. We have a friend who owns a Winery and I thought these grapes would be very nice.

Please only use shoes that you have no problem DIYing because you may need to sand and you will need to glue on the sculpture.

Work in an area with good ventilation and remember this clay during and after curing is very hot. It will burn you so no kids, no pets and no altered state. I place a spray bottle of cold water close just in case.

Best thing is just cure and let cool. Read all instructions before using clay etc.

Take the shoe and apply aluminum foil. Scrunch it up very well..
Take the large ceramic tile and place all of your sculpting tools and clay next to it. Put on your gloves and have all your cleaning items close at hand. You will first create the sculpted pieces, then cure with heat tool ,paint, glaze and apply. Let’s move on.

Step 2: Sculpting With QuickCure Clay

The clay is a cure on demand product, it stays pliable until your ready and as soon has heat is applied the forward polymerization begins. It has another unique property, it has a little sticky texture much like cookie dough. This property helps it cling to itself, pre and post curing. I could make something one day and return days later to affix more clay, drill or grind with no problem.

Our appliqué is a cluster of grapes with vines and two leaves.

Make balls of clay to create equal portions. You will need 2 ( 6” snakes) 2 ( 2” snakes and 4” snakes)

2( 1” and 2” size balls ) these are for the leaves.

See pictures for leaves they are like a starfish . If the clay starts to stick just do a lite dusting of corn starch or marble dust . Scribe in lines for veins in each segment of leaf like picture. Thin out the leaf tips.

Note: Paper cutouts of leafs ,flowers and various other things can be used for patterns and clay can go directly onto paper to make designing much easier.

Take the 2 ( 6” snakes) wrap around the heel. ( The length depends on your heel height. No heel no need.😀

Let’s cure these vine pieces. Working in a well ventilated area. Put on your heat glove ,hold the heel up and with the heat tool apply the heat (not too close about 2-3 inches away. As soon as you see the clay begin to smoke some and puff ever so slightly it has began the process of curing. Goes from a semi-sheen to a matte finish.

Press a small amount of clay on the back of the top portion of the heel. This will be were the grapes will go. Make small pea size balls of clay and start applying to that area until you get a cluster of grapes.( see pictures)

Place on leaves and press firm, sculpt in more detail if needed. Next add on one 2” and 4” snake under and around the leaves for vine detail . Repeat everything on other shoe.
Put on heat glove and cure the pieces. Literally seconds!!

Let cool completely!!! Gently remove from foil and shoe.

Step 3: Painting, Glazing and Gluing

Now the pieces are cooled and removed from shoe. Prime the pieces with white paint. Let dry.

I used Alcohol inks to paint these pieces ,you can use whatever you like. Just 4 colors.( see picture)

It is just dropped on , brush some in the tight areas. Add a little cranberry to the green leaves to add variations.

Dry all the pieces very well. The inks do a great job adding vibrancy to the clay. We next use a UV glaze to coat for added protection and give a high gloss fired look. Ranger Ink will be releasing their glaze very soon.

Coat the back first and then place under uv lamp just a few seconds. Coat the front and all other pieces.

After all is cured place back on cleaned heel and glue into place.(superglue or epoxy)

That’s it you have just created or updated a good shoe and made it 10 times better.

QuickCure Clay is more durable than polymer clay and is a league of its own.

Hope you like and Thank you for visiting. J

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