Introduction: High Power K'nex Sniper Rifle

This is my first instructable so don't be mean in the comments. I got the trigger from I_Am_Canadian. Make sure to read all image notes.

Low piece count comparatively
Amazing rubberband to distance ratio
Slow reload

Step 1: Trigger

1: make the to peices
2: gather and/or make all of these peices
3: assemble you pieces in this fashion
4: hook your rubberband onto the the trigger mechinisam like that

Step 2: Barrel

1: make the pieces shown
2: make the piece shown
3: add whites to the rod
4: put the number 2 onto number 1 and snap the other number 1 on. (i recomend putting the number one onto the other number 1 peice by peice)

Step 3: Stock

1: build whats shown
2: keep building
3 & 4: keep building (different views of same step
5: not needed, looks nice

Step 4: Foregrip

Optional step
This is what the yellow piece on #2 is for.
1: where it connects
2: put whatever you want on a red rod, and block one end off

Step 5: Put It Together

USE LONG BANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 6: Loading and Firing