High Voltage Power Supply From Static Lamp

Introduction: High Voltage Power Supply From Static Lamp

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first off warning it is a bad idea to touch the high voltage end especially when grounded. it will not kill you unless you have a heart condition or your lamp provides the amount of amperage needed to kill a human (amusing your a human.

so this is a high voltage power supply i made from a static lamp (i hope that is the right name). seeing as i don't have the equipment to measure the voltage i'm ASSUMING it in the range of 2 to 3 thousand volts i know for a fact it is low amperage because i'm still alive.

the lamp shown above is not the one i have because mine was broken so i don't have a bulb to show.

to build this thingie

you will need a lamp like the one shown above or a zvs driver and a flyback transformer

a length of pvc pipe is optional

high voltage rated wire

some spade lugs

matching nut and 2 bolts

alligator clip optional

2 small metal things to attach to the top and one to attach to the wire coming from the top to the table (if table is metal it will give a shocking result)

electrical tape

a wall plug to attach the ground wire to mains ground and a clip to attach things toz ground if you want

and finally some string to tie the safety switch shut or just solder the wire from the safety switch

Step 1: Make a Ground Cable

just attach the wire to the middle prong (if in north america i don't know how eu plugs work) optionaly you can put a clip or a spade lug on the end.

Step 2: Take Base Apart and Attach Hv Wire

take the four screws out and lift top of case off.

at this point be careful of capacitors they hurt.

now at this step you can use some snips to make space to put the safety switch on the out side and tie it down or solder it and put it back in side i'm lazy i used the first method.

then attach a long hv wire about the length of the pvc you plan to use or just hang it off the top of the case pvc is optional to keep hv away from low voltage.

Step 3: Put Back Together and Add Pvc

just put every back together and use a file or dremel to make the pvc fit. run the wire up to the top of the pvc and put the spade lug on.

Step 4: Attach Top Load

i used a piece of aluminium wire bent around the bolt and used a nut to hold it on.

then you should attach a long wire to the top with a spade lug and a nut this wire should connect to a piece of metal on the table i used a alligator clip attached to a chi charger coil (completely optional)

because for some reason it doesn't stay on for more than a second if you don't do this. how ever if you have a metal table dont do this.

Step 5: Test

just put the ground wire near the hv wire and it should spark from a few millimeters away. i know its not a large gap but its not a lot of voltage so that's what can be accomplished by the supply.

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and please share your thoughts and experiences with your supply in the comments!

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