Easy Hot Glue Removal

Introduction: Easy Hot Glue Removal

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i have to repair the coil gun made in my last insructable and the barrel had hot glue in it for holding the coil in place since the coil fried under load the glue melted in the entire barrel so i have to clean it so i thought i would use the dremel to clean it then i thought the glue would clog the small sander so i made a better way to remove it and its disposable.

Step 1: Making the Tool

cut the head off of a nail then cut small lines in the nail with a file

Step 2: Using the Tool

just grind the glue with the nail the glue will melt and stick to the nail if you scratch the tool up if not it will fly every where... trust me i tried im not going to add a video because i ran out of time but it did clean out the barrel ill ad a picture i don't have a before but i can show the results

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