Introduction: High Waisted Pants to Shorts and Design Painting

Step 1: Material:

1. Fabric Paint/ Brand: SOFT
Colors: Red, White, and Blue *Michael's*
2. 1 Little paint brush
3. Scissors
4. High Waisted Pants (you can find some at the thrift store for $1.86) *Goodwill*

Others items you may want to use if you want....
Paper and a black marker

Step 2: Measuring Before Cutting:

You can use a measuring tape to make both of the Length sides the same.

*Make sure you don't cut them randomly and think thats's the right length. Trust me!
First put them on and make a little line to know where to cut... Don't want it to be to short! You would want them to be 5 to 6 inches down from your hip.

Step 3: Cut Out:

This is how it should look like after you mark your measure and cut straight threw.

Step 4: Draw and Cut Out a Star:

Get any kind of paper and draw a star. 
If you can't draw one perfectly and doesn't look right... Well you can get a white notebook or blank paper
then go to google search for stars (pick one) and trace the star on your paper from the screen(:

Once your done tracing the star you can cute it out! 

Step 5: Trace Star on to the Back of the Left Pocket:

Put the cut out star in the middle of the pocket and then get your black marker to trace it out. 

Step 6: See the Star:

When your done tracing it. it should look like this! 

Step 7: Painting the Star:

Now grab your brush and white paint to paint in the star.

Just fill it in and whenever your done painting it will look like it's now solid painted...
Let it dry for awhile, when your next step is done the star should be dried by then.

Step 8: Painting the Pocket Square:

Paint the blue around the star.
Once your done painting it let it dry up for 10 minutes. 
While waiting for the blue paint to dry you can start painting over the star with paint again,

Step 9: Painting White and Red:

The top on the inside of the pocket you paint it white and the bottom you paint it red (see the picture).
After done painting both colors let it dry for 10 minutes.... When times up you paint it over again to 
make it look solid. 

Step 10: Let It Dry and Your Done!

Dry it up!(: