Introduction: Himalayan Ginger-Garlic Noodle Soup

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This soup is more than just soup. It's an entire meal packed into one hot bowl. This soup is 100% natural, it has lot of proteins, fresh vegetables and rice noodles. Everything you need in one delicious sip.

To be honest, I'm not sure it's traditional Nepalese food, but while trekking some of the Everest Base Camp trek they served this type of soup everywhere. Locals even said that the garlic helps your body adjust to the high altitudes and reliefs altitude sickness. Nepalese people are mostly poor, so while I put plenty of meat in this soup, they use bits of beef / chicken and mostly vegetables.

This is by far my favorite meal and I really hope you try it too!

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Step 1: Materials

You'll need:

1) Chili Peppers - one should do.

2) Ginger root (a large piece!).

3) Fresh garlic (~6 cloves).

4) Cherry tomatoes (6-8 units).

5) An onion (1-2).

6) Potatoes (1-2 large ones).

7) Green onions.

8) Beef (200-500grams of your favorite kind - I used minute steaks).

9) Rice noodles.

10) Salt & cooking oil.

Step 2: T - 90minutes : Initiate Cooking

In a large pot (~5 liters or so), fry beef (sliced into edible chunks) in oil. Add a rep hot chilly pepper (one should make the soup pretty spicy). Peel off the ginger root, and add plenty. There is no such thing as too much ginger! I use about 100grams or so.

Tip - slice the ginger root in a distinctive way. Most people don't like to bite them, and they look a lot like potatoes once cooked. Another option would be to take the ginger out of the pot once the soup is ready.

Step 3: T - 85minutes : Prepare for Boiling

Add the onion (not the green onion!), potatoes and salt. Add boiling water (about 3 liters or so).

Wait only everything is boiling nicely and cover the pot.

Let the pot boil for about 80 minutes.

Tip - potatoes are especially important in soups since they make them thicker and enhance the soups' flavors.

Step 4: T - 7minutes : Add Fresh Garlic

You want the garlic to stay fresh when your soup is ready. This is why we waited so long before adding it. Press the garlic or chop into small bits, and add to the soup. About 6 garlic cloves should be enough.

Step 5: T - 5minutes : Add Fresh Cherry-Tomatoes

Slice the cherry tomatoes into halves. Add to the soup. You don't want to cook them, just to make them hot. In 2 minutes or so your soup is ready.

Step 6: T - 3minutes : Pour the Soup!

Rice noodles require about 2-3 minutes in boiling water to cook. You can cook them in the pot, but I prefer to cook them in the serving bowl. Just place the rice noodles in a bowl and pour soup over them.

Step 7: Time to Eat!

That's it! Add some green onion and serve while it's hot!


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