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I made this last weekend for a hobo-themed picnic: something rustic, in-costume, but probably not practical for real usage.

But then I started using it. Every day this week, I've filled it with tea to bring to class or carry around campus. And I love it!

Basically, it's a mason jar on a strap. But it's so much more! It's a water bottle that doesn't leak if you throw it in your backpack, doesn't deform if you fill it with hot tea. Because of the strap, you can carry it around over your shoulder, and pick it up even if the jar is hot.

As a bonus, it's also WAY more environmentally friendly than those take-out coffee cups that always spill anyway. And as a friend of mine pointed out, it's a portable solar-powered tea maker!

So if this intrigues you, or if you just want to be the hippiest or the hipster-est, read on for my simple instructions.

Step 1: Materials

You need a mason jar (mine is a wide-mouthed quart jar.. in case I need a quart of tea) and a strap.
The strap can be any length, natural fibers preferred (for authenticity/not melting).

Step 2: Clove Hitch

Wrap the middle of your strap around the mason jar, just under the lip (making sure you'll be able to screw the lid back on).

Clove hitch: wrap strap around once, cross previous wrap, wrap again, pull the end under the X created by crossing it over before. Pull tight.

Step 3: Secure

Tie a half hitch (overhand knot) to secure the clove hitch.

Step 4: Tie the Ends Together

Tie the ends of the strap together with a square knot.

Step 5: Go Forth and Hobo!

Now you have a hobo mug.
I made the obnoxious GIF just for you.
The hobo action shot is ©2012 MJ Maloney.

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