Introduction: Hof Jr- the Tiniest K'nex Ball Machine!

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Hello, and Today we are going to make Hof Jr- The Tiniest Knex Ball Machine.

Step 1: Step 1- Piece Gathering

It May Be Smaller, Doesn't mean it costs Nothing.


Micro Yellow: 12
Micro Grey: 5
Micro Red: 12
Micro Purple: 6
Red: 1
Yellow: 1


Micro 1 Slot Green: 2
Micro 2 Slot Orange: 3
Micro 2 Slot Purple: 7
Micro 3 slot Yellow: 4
Micro 4 Slot Blue: 18
Micro 5 Slot Red: 3
Micro 7 Slot Grey: 2
8 Slot White: 2
3 Slot Red:1


Motor New Kind: 1 (Preferably Green)
Blue Gears: 2
Grey Gears: 2 (Or Blue gear)
Micro Chain Links: 12
Micro 8 Slot Light Blue: 2
Green Rod Adapters: 7
Red Rod Adapters: 4
Tan Pieces: 2
Grey Spacers: 8
Blue Spacers: 1
Micro Grey Spacers: 2

If I miss Anything Let Me Know!

Step 2: Step 2- Parts

Just Look At The Pictures.

Step 3: Step 3- Putting Everything Together

Just Look At The Pictures.

Step 4: Step 4- You're Done!

Congrats. You Have Finished Hof's Son.

Now Go Build Hof!


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Build Hof

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