Introduction: Hoggle Dwarf of Jim Hensens Labyrinth

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Hoggle- One of the main supporting characters in Jim Hensen's 1986 movie "The Labyrinth" featuring David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly.

  • "The Labyrinth"- A movie where fantasy meets reality. The main character Sarah wishes the Goblin King Jareth (David Bowie) to take her baby brother away so that she may have a normal life. Upon her realization that doing this brings around her wish being granted. She is then thrust into the Goblin Kings Labyrinth upon her own request to get her brother back where there's a world of wonder, fantasy, and new intriguing interesting characters to whom live within this world. One of the main supporting characters throughout the movie is this character Hoggle who leaves a very impressionable impression on the audience and becomes friends with Sarah during the movie. My children and I love this movie so much that we decided to hand-make our own Labyrinth characters this year for Halloween 2019 and Hoggle was one of our favorites. Hoggle came out so amazing that I decided to write these Instructables for others to use if they want to recreate this amazing character. Heres how we made our Hoggle costume for my 5-year-old daughter.

***There are 2 separate processes with steps to making this Hoggle costume.

The 1st is Hoggles Outfit and the 2nd is Hoggles Mask/Head.

  • Before beginning, the process of making our Hoggle Costume I along with my children spent many hours watching and rewatching the Labyrinth movie that we own. I also researched the internet for many pictures of Hoggles' face and outfit and used these throughout the following processes as a reference so I could make our Hoggle Costume look as realistic as possible.

1st Process- Hoggles Outfit:


1 Oversized White or Off White Adult Button Up Shirt

1 Oversized Light Brown Leather Vest

1 Size 14/16 Avocado Green Shorts for a teen boy

1 Pair Penny Loafer Brown shoes to fit the wearer of this costume

1 Broken Brown Leather Belt (for Hoggles' Belt Sash)

  • Belt Sash Accessories:
  1. Empty Fruit/Vegetable Can (take off the outside paper label, clean thoroughly, put hot glue around sharp edges so no one gets cut)
  2. Small Rope (used one leftover from other projects, wound up, and tied with a piece of fishing line to stay together )
  3. Pipe (I found a play one on Offerup)
  4. Jewelry Bag (I found a black bag at the thrift store that I sprayed with watered down bleach to change the color to greyish brownish color and washed immediately as to not let the material deteriorate and fall apart)
  5. Jewelry for the Jewelry bag (Used my 5-year-olds necklaces and bracelets for Hoggle's jewels in his bag and left some hanging out to give the overfull look.)

2nd Process- Hoggles Mask/Head:


1 White Poster Board

1 Roll of Masking Tape

1 Roll Toilet tissue

Acrylic Paints (Multiple Colors tans, blacks, grays, pinks, oranges, reds and peach skin tone colors)

Left Over Vest Pieces

Grey Yarn

Bag of small Ping Pong Balls (I used Halloween ones that looked like eyeballs from dollar tree)

Step 1: How to Make Hoggles Outfit

1st Step: Thrift Store- Purchase from a thrift store a male adult size long sleeve button up white shirt and light brown leather vest as well as a pair of teen sized 14/16 shorts in a dark avocado green color. Also, purchase a small pair of brown boys penny loafers that fit the wearer of the feet of the costume, in this case, my 5-year-old daughter's feet.

***The best day to shop at the thrift store is 50% off day to get these items at the cheapest rates.

2nd Step: Adult White Button Up shirt- I stitched numerous miscellaneous small stitches on the arms (in clusters) of the shirt to make the sleeves look big and baggy as well as to shorten the length of the arms for my 5-year-old.

3rd Step: Teens Oversized Shorts- Pinned the sides of the size 14/16 shorts to fit my 5-year-olds waist and then sewed it from the inside out to fit her waist, but still leaving the shorts big and baggy on her. Then I pinned the bottom of each leg so the holes fit her legs and added some elastic to let it stretch to hold on to her upper leg/thigh areas. This allowed for us to push the leg holes up her leg/thigh area and stay in place so the shorts looked like big baggy pants and gave her a more plump look to her legs and buttocks area.

4th Step:How to make Hoggles' Vest- Cut the Adult Vest in half to shorten the length to fit on a 5-year-old and then sew the underarm areas together with the back cut areas of the vest making the vest the perfect size for this short pudgy Hoggle character. Then put the leftover vest material aside to use for Hoggle's hat that he wears.

5th Step: White Leotards or Tights- Added a pair of white little girls leotards that I'd had from my daughter's closet bought previously at a dollar store for $1.00.

6th Step: Brown Penny Loafers- My 5-year-old wore her new Penny Loafers from the Thrift store to complete the outfit.

7th Step: Make Hoggles Belt Sash- Hoggles Belt Sash was made using an old belt I had that was broken with no buckle. Cut the belt to fit across the upper left region of the front of the vest down to the opposite side of Hoggles' vest. Added buttons to the top of the left corner of her vest to adhere to the belt sash and another button to the lower right side of her waist and vest for the other side of the belt sash to adhere to.

8th Step: Glue Accessories on Belt Sash- Super Glue the accessories on to the Belt Sash in order starting with the #1 brown pouch on top of the belt sash, then #2 the pipe, then #3 the rope, then #4 glue the can to the lower part of the belt sash in the front. #5 Add the Jewelry Bag with Jewelry in it and some Jewelry hanging out of the top of the bag. Tie the Jewelry Bag to the Belt sash. Due to the heavyweight of the Jewelry, I added a safety pin to hold the bag of jewels in place onto the pants where I wanted it to stay hanging from the Belt sash.

Step 2: How to Make Hoggles Mask/Head

Process #2 Hoggles Mask/Head :

*** Hoggles Head to me is the most important part of this whole costume. This particular piece gives the sense of the character's mere existence as being real in our own physical reality.

SUPPLIES: (Relisted as a reminder for this particular process)

* 1 White Poster Board

* 1 Roll of Masking Tape

* 1 Roll Toilet tissue

* Acrylic Paints (Multiple Colors tans, blacks, grays, pinks, oranges, reds and peach skin tone colors)

* Left Over Vest Pieces

* Grey Yarn

* Bag of small Ping Pong Balls (I used Halloween ones that looked like eyeballs from dollar tree)

1st Step: Research, Research, Research-

*** I researched the internet trying to figure out ways as to how to make Hoggles head. Found a Pinterest post where a guy used toilet tissue, some cardboard, and masking tape to make Hoggles head. No real pictures to show his steps of how he was able to make the head, but a basis to start with and work off from there.

2nd Step: Beginning the process of making Hoggles Mask/Head-

I used the Pinterest guys' base of using cardboard across my daughter's forehead, under her chin, and even around where the nose area is. However, I opted for the use of Posterboard for this beginning step instead of cardboard due to its pliability.

3rd Step: Toilet Tissue and Masking Tape- Then I started to add toilet tissue and masking tape forming the shapes of Hoggles' nose, forehead, rest of his face etcetera by using the toilet tissue and adding the masking tape on top of the toilet tissue to keep the shape and forms I was trying to make. Many layers of tape were applied to many rolled balls of toilet tissue or bunched up pieces of toilet tissue.

* Once I completed the sculpture of Hoggle's face with the toilet tissue and masking tape I then started making the back of the head using cardboard and then toilet paper with masking tape. During this whole process, I ensured that my daughter's head would fit within the mask and tried it on her numerous times. I even had one point where I had to cut a piece of the poster board to open the mask a little wider for easy access to put the mask on and take it off my daughter's head.

4th Step: Hoggles Ears- After both the front and back of Hoggles head were complete I then formed both of Hoggles ears using toilet tissue and more masking tape.

Step 3: Final Steps for Making Hoggles Mask/Head Painting Process, Adding His Hat, and His Hair/eyebrows and Eyes

5th Step:Hoggles Mask/Head Process-

* After Hoggles head was sculpted out of toilet tissue and Masking tape it was time to paint. Referencing many photos of Hoggle online and different viewpoints of his face in these photos to get as close to his true natural colors as I painted.

Approximately 3 days (all weekend Friday through Sunday) was spent painting Hoggle's face and back of his head/ears. Lots of layers of colors and numerous mixtures of acrylic colors to come up with the colors of Hoggles skin tones. I also used many blacks and greys to shadow Hoggles features and make him look realistic. Paying a lot of attention to his cheek colors and nose as well. The bumpy texture from the tape and toilet tissue also helped aide in representing the texture and tones of Hoggles skin.

6th Step: Hoggles Hat- Hoggles hat was made using the leftover vest pieces. Cutting the vest pieces and piecing them together on the back of Hoggles Head and gluing them on with super glue.

7th Step: Hoggles Hair- Cut the grey yarn to the length needed for Hoggles hair and separate the yarn to look like hair. Then superglued the yarn/hair under the lower parts of the hat leaving the yarn hair hanging like hair.

* Also, cut some yarn for the front of the ears and separated it to look like hair. Glued these yarn hair pieces under the edges of the hat as well with super glue.

8th Step: Hoggles Eyebrows- The last piece of Hoggles' Mask/Head was to add fuzzy eyebrows. Cut up the grey yarn to fit the eyebrow areas of Hoggles' mask. Frayed the yarn to look like hair and spritzed them with a little reddish temporary hair spray to tint the grey yarn to a reddish tone. Then glued the yarn eyebrows on Hoggles' mask/head using superglue.

9th and Final Step:Hoggle needs eyes!- Cut 2 ping pong ball eyeballs in half and hot glue them in the Hoggle Mask/Head eye sockets. Drill out the iris parts of both eyes so that anyone wearing this mask/head can see out the eye holes, in this case, my 5-year-old. Then I used a bright blue sharpie to enhance the eye color and make it bigger in circumference due to my drilling the eye holes a little bigger for my daughter to see out of.

**** Finally Hoggles Full Costume is Complete. Outfit and Mask. Now to try all pieces on together and take some pictures.****

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