Introduction: Holiday Fun Snowglobes

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Make some cute decorations or gifts this holiday season!

One of my favorite crafts I make with my handy glue gun is the snowglobe and all you need is a jar and a vision.

For this project I did 2 different snowglobes, one had a focus on Christmas, and the other is a bright, fun, sea urchin looking flower globe!


What's great about this is that the supplies you need are really just what you have around the house. I used some plastic that was going in my recycling bin. but you can use various sorts of plastic or objects to put as the main focus in the snow globe.


Leftover Jar

Hot glue gun

about 4 sticks of glue

some plastic ( I used a ricotta cheese container from my recycling)

Decorative tape

Acrylic Paint




Step 1: Cut Out the Shapes

Whatever piece of plastic you're using, the first step is to cut out 2 equal outlines of the shape you want in your snowglobe. In this case, I cut out 2 Christmas tree cut-outs. Make sure at this step to make sure that the size of the outlines are equal and will fit in the jar you are placing it in.

Step 2: Paint and Final Cut

Grab some acrylic paint and paint the front and back of the trees or objects that you cut out of plastic. Once they are dry on both sides make two cuts. With your scissors cut one tree with a long cut on one side and then on the bottom of the matching tree do a small cut.

Step 3: Assemble the Tree, and Glue, Glue, Glue!

Time to grab your glue gun!

Place the two objects together by putting each object in the other's slit. Glue the pieces together so it holds the 3D shape. If you need to, this is a great time to do some trimming to make the trees neater. Then this is when you go wild with the glue gun, hold the 3D tree and spin the glue gun around it in a zig-zag pattern. Do this until the object or tree is covered and looks filled out. Set this aside and let it dry.

Step 4: Tape the Lid

Pick a fun or colorful decorative tape and start taping the lid. Cover the lid completely with tape so the logo disappears.

Step 5: Glue Tree to Lid

Use glue gun to glue tree base to the middle of the lid. I put some more glue around the base of the tree to give it more texture and look like snow.

Step 6: Make the Glitter Floaties

You can skip this step if you have glitter. I was out of glitter and had to make my own from the plastic I had, and it turned out really well but premade glitter is easier. I made this glitter by cutting the plastic I had into small pieces.

Step 7: Just Add Water!

Fill the jar with water and screw on the top with the tree tightly.

Turn the jar over and you have a snow globe!

Pro tip: If you're feeling fun you can add water dye or another glitter at this step!

Step 8: Bonus Globe!

Make a crazy beautiful weird globe as well out of a fake flower!

Cut the fake flower from the base of the flower.

Glue to the top of a jar.

Add decorative tape to the top.

Add water, glitter, and pink dye to the jar and screw the top on.

And then you get this cool sciency looking flower globe that children love!

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