Introduction: Holly Jolly Mirror

Very festive and simple holiday decor!

Step 1: Holly Jolly Mirror

This mirror was accomplished in under half an hour, outside of the foilage gathering and drying. All you need is a bunch of holly boughs, some Christmas ribbon and bows, a mirror and plenty of hot glue. A thick pair of work or gardening gloves might come in handy, as well. I cut the holly a few days before I wanted to use it, and just brought it inside to dry out a bit. When it came time to assemble, I gathered all my elements, and thoroughly cleaned the mirror and its frame. I cut the holly down to single-branch pieces mostly, but left a few 'sprigs' for the corners or empty spots near the end. I put a couple nice big globs of hot glue about 6 inches apart on the mirror frame, and then positioned the holly over/in it. I held it gently for about 20 seconds or so- it was prickly and painful! I then repeated this step until I felt the whole frame was nicely covered. I used some very small sprigs for holes in the greenery, and then added ribbon and a bow to finish it off. I love the way it turned out, and it should last a long time if stored carefully.