Introduction: Home Decor Art: Quilting Hoop Wall Art With Scrap Fabric

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This project is a cheap and easy way to make art for your home.
There are so many ways to do this project and the end result is nothing short of artsy!

Step 1: What You Will Need

What You Need:

-Quilting Hoops. You can find these at any local hobby or sewing shop. Get as many as you want! Try to pick out ones that are different in size. Please make sure when you buy your quilting hoop that there are two pieces! There should be an outer circle and an inner circle. Sometimes the inner circle falls out, so just make sure it's there before you buy it!
-Scraps of Fabric, Bed Sheets, any kind of fabric that is at least 1" larger than your circle will work.
-Glue Gun
-Tacks or nails and a hammer to hang them

Step 2: Lets Begin!

(Turn on your glue gun)

1. Take the smaller circle out of the quilting hoop and lay it over your fabric

2. Cut out a circle that is 1" away from your wooden circle, like so. It doesnt have to be a perfect circle. Just make sure there is at least 1" of extra fabric around the circle.

Step 3: Glue the Fabric to the Circle

1. Glue the fabric to the outer edge of the circle and stop when you get half way around

2. Once you are half way around, keep gluing, but this time pull the fabric in as you press it into the glue.You want the fabric to be tight on the circle. This will pull out the wrinkles.

3.Now, glue the extra fabric to the inside of the circle.

If you dont think you need to glue the outside and the inside, you can always just skip the first gluing step and go straight to gluing the fabric to the inside.

Step 4: It's Good to Have Options

At this point you have two options:

Option 1:
You can leave the quilting hoop off. This gives the circle a more modern look.
If you broke the clasp off the other part of the quilting hoop you could have another circle to glue fabric to.

Option 2:
You can slide the quilting hoop back on. This gives the hoop a more natural, country look.
I really enjoy this look.

Either way its up to you!!

You could even stitch something onto these fabric circles too!!
Oh the possibilities!

Now, repeat these steps with your other hoops and you're good to go!

Once you have all of your hoops made hang them up.

Step 5: Ta-Da!

Now you have awesome decorations for your home!

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Happy Crafting! 


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