Introduction: Home Made Bluetooth Speaker for 10$

In this instructable I will show how to make a very simple and cheap bluetooth speaker.

Step 1: Required Items

1. Card board box or any plastic box.

2. Glue gun.

3. Tape.

4. TPA3118 bluetooth amplifies brought from aliexpres for 6$.

5.Solder iron and lead.

6.Some wires.

7.Speakers brought from aliexpress for 2$.

8.9v or 12 adapter.

Step 2: Connections

Connections are very simple we can find power input slot and two input for speakers. We need to solder carefully looking gnd and vcc connections.For this bluetooth module we need to give 9v to 12v power supply. You can find detailed explanation in the video below :)

Step 3: Video Guide

Check out the video for clear understanding.

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