Introduction: How to Make Your Own HUE Light Using Arduino and Control Wireless.

In this instructable i will explain how to control R.G.B leds wireless by using arduino and bluetooth.This is an very simple project it can be done in 10 minutes.You can use this for mood lighting or Christmas , house decorations in cars etc.So lets start the project :)

Step 1: Parts Required

1.R.G.B LEDS.common anode or common cathode (I used common anode)


3.bluetooth HC-05 OR HC-06 (I used HC-05).

4.220k resistor.

5.Some jumper wires.

Step 2: Connections

From the above image connect the LED using jumper wires.

1.Connect PWM 3 RED color of LED PWM5 TO GREEN PWM 6 to BLUE.Dont forget to use resistors.

2.Connect bluetooth by giving 3.3 volt from arduino and gnd to gnd of bluetooth and TX pin of bluetooth to RX pin of Arduino RX pin to TX pin.

So as we completed the connection we almost finished to project lets do the coding :)

Step 3: Configuring Bluetooth and Uploading the Code.

1.So we need an app to control the LED so download color LED controller app from playstore.

2.In the app we can find bluetooth list click and select your bluetooth module.

3.Now the final part copy paste the code below and upload to Arduino. I will post two codes one for common anode and other for common cathode.

Step 4: CODE

Please download the code and upload to arduino Voila!! Now you can control RGB wireless and get unlimited colours :D

Step 5: Check Out the Testing Video :)