Introduction: Home Made Canvas (Updated)

Home Made Canvas Instructable

For ENGL 421 - Purdue University

(Disclaimer: all images are not mine.)

Step 1: Purchase Your Supplies or Find Them at Home

To make your very own canvas, you will need to get a strong adhesive such as Gorilla Glue, an industrial strength stapler, industrial strength staples, equal sized pieces of wood (can be carved yourself or purchased at a craft store), and canvas or old denim material.

Gorilla Glue 4oz - Amazon $5.98

Stanley Tr110 Heavy Duty Steel Stapler - Amazon $12.42

Stanley TRA708T Sharpshooter 1/2-Inch Leg Length Staples, Steel (1000 Count) - Amazon $2.32

4 x 12 Canvas Cotton 12 Oz. Drop Cloth - Amazon $15.95

Step 2: Glue the Pieces of Wood

To start out, you will need to put the frame together. If you purchased wood segments from a craft store this step will be quick and easy. If you wish to saw off your own pieces of wood, please consult a carpenter or wood-craftsman for advice before advancing in this project.

Start by gluing the pieces of wood together on the ends like you would see on a store-bought canvas, slanted corner to slanted corner.

Step 3: Cut the Canvas to Fit

Next you will need to cut the canvas to fit across the entire frame and to tuck underneath about an inch. Don't worry if you cut the canvas too big and the overlap on the underside is more than an inch. You can easily cut it down after stapling but you cannot make it bigger if you cut too small. Cut a roughly equal sided square or rectangle depending on the frame you have constructed. (If you got fancy and constructed a triangle or octagonal frame or something then good for you just apply the same rules for the canvas.)

You can use canvas purchased at a craft store or old denim or hardy material found at home. Blue-jean canvas is very popular and fun to paint on.

Step 4: Staple the Canvas

After you have cut the canvas, place the frame on top and begin to pull one side over onto the wood for stapling. Staple the first edge down so the fabric covers the wood about half-way (again, you can cut it down later if it is over the line). For the next side, go opposite the initial side and pull the fabric taught against the frame so the canvas doesn't have much give to it. Staple the canvas to the underside of the frame, along the edge. Keeping going until the sides are all down. And now you are finished! Congratulations!