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Introduction: Home Made Smartphone Projector

About: Electronics hobbyist and a DIYer and i love doing this stuff.

The best way to watch movies is watching it in theaters.,or your wide LED SmartTv or watching it on your smartphones or tablet is great too!.,but why not turn your smartphones into projector.,so you can watch movies with the feeling of watching it in theater the old fashion way.,In this instructables i will show you how to make a projector using durable material that will last for a long time.,So lets get started how to make an easy projector for smartphone.

•This project is designed for iPhone 4S/4G(with 3.5 screen display)but can me modified according to your smartphones screen up to 4.7 display screen.As the projector box/housing was designed up to 70mm width smartphones.
-by Modifying only the Smartphone's Quick-Slot Insert

Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed:

•50mm Magnifying glass
•empty tube (pringles can)
•17" L x 28" W - E.V.A foam
•Quick dry epoxy
•1/4 mm Nut
(optional for tripod mount)
-basic tools
•Pencil(or any marking pen)
•exacto knife(stencil cutter)
•jagged edge knife(for cutting magnifying glass handle)
*any smartphone 3.5" to 4.7" screen

•I tried the 90mm Magnifying glass.,it did'nt work for me.
•an alternative to foam is cardboard.

Step 2: Step

1.Find an empty pringles can(tube) or something similar that would fit your 50mm magnifying glass in it.
2.Prepare the lens-by cutting the handle of magnifying glass.
3.Prepare and cut the foam according to the lens diameter(which i used 50mm)(as seen on image)
4.Cut the pringles can at least 100mm long.,and recut another 20mm as ring preventing Lens bezel from sliding inside the tube.
5.Prepare your foam by following the layout sketch provided in the image below that would fit 3.5 inch phone screen up to 4.7 phone screen
6.Prepare the tube placement holder(as seen on image)
7.Prepare the smartphone holder(as seen on image)
8.Assemble it all together (as seen on image)
9.Test your project.,by adjusting the Lens tube inward (to widen up projection)or outward (to widen down projection)
10.Be carefull in handling lens.,as you can see in image a "chipped lens"(plano convex lens) i dropped while doing the project.Replaced it using 50mm lens.

•This project is designed for iPhone 4S/4G(with 3.5 screen display)but can me modified according to your smartphones screen up to 4.7 display screen.As the projector box/housing was designed up to 70mm width smartphones.
-by Modifying only the Smartphone's Quick-Slot Insert
•The same principles apply in projecting the smartphones screen on a 50mm biconvex lens is applicable without the need to modify the lens and tube placements.
•Before starting using your smartphone on projector.
*Toggle up your Brightness level to maximum
*Open up your video or imageslides on Landscape mode and Lock your Orientation Settings to lockmode before playing the video-because the video or image to be projected must be inverted before you insert your smartphone into projector.

Step 3: Steps

Steps in image guide

Step 4:

•Lens tubing and smartphone holder/slider

Step 5: Quick Slide Insert/ Quick Release

Designed for quick sliding/inserting smartphone inside the projector.

•Designed also for qiuck releasing smartphone from projector.

•For larger phone screen (4 to 4.7" screen display)- Just modify the Quick Insert Slot that varies on your phones width.

Step 6: Two in One Project Result

• The project resulted two functionalities
•Function mainly as a "Smartphone projector and
•Function as Emergency spotlight"(when you invert your smartphone and use your built in "Flash" as Flashlight that will beam more than 12ft distance.Farther than any smartphone can offer.

•Projection test result
This type of project(with 50mm lens) projected video as "wide as 22" x 15" positioning the tripod at 28" far from wall.,Just by pushing the Lens Tubing half inward.You can widen up the projection by increasing or doubling the lens tubing placement.Im very much satisfied with my measurements for this project.

Step 7: Layout Guide

Scaled layout in millimeters.,drawn in cardboard.,i ran out of clean bond paper at the time of making this.
•change the quick slot shown here for larger phones

•minor adjustments in measurements were made during actual making of the project.

Step 8: The Smartphone Projector

I just added to cover the pringles brand by wrapping it up with black electrical tape.

•Size of the projector•

•Width = 125mm
•Height = 95 mm
•Depth = 95 mm

•Excluding the pringles tube
70 mm long when exposed

•i left it half exposed when not using

Step 9:

Another project was done using optical lens that maximizes our smartphones capabilities.Enjoying watching videos in a theater like feelings.,better than viewing it on your smartphones screen.,The kids would really love it.And i enjoyed it too,connecting it via bluetooth through amplified home theater speaker connectivity.
Thank you for reading the whole article and feel free to comment and suggestions are welcome.
A heart is very much appreciated.Thank you!

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    7 years ago

    @Seeed XadowPhone
    Thank you!,the projected image shown here were only captured on my old Nokia N70ME with 2 megapixels camera only,& it's completely dark when i shoot it.,Projecting the image depends on your smartphones display resolution.,Must set your Brightness settings to max when projecting videos or images.


    7 years ago

    Look for an app called "Display brightness" by RubberBigPepper. 
    According to the Android developers guide, the brightness is adjustable from 0 to 255, so it's possible.
    •But some app requires rooting and some dont require root.,just look what suits your need.


    7 years ago

    I 've made projector Bt projected image is not bright enough,
    how to increase brightness of image? I 've use Samsung core phone


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Really cool! This is a really nice, detailed instructable! I've entered for the contest as well, but I voted for you, and you deserve Grand Prize more than the other entries! Good luck, and keep up the good work!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for appreciating my project.,it was really cool,i found out that it can project videos up to 29" wide x 18.5" height when i position the tripod 40" far from wall.,Good luck on your project too!,thanks for your vote! :-)