Introduction: Home-made Lava Lamp

Today I will show you step-by-step how to create a home-made lava lamp.


The supplies you will need are:

1. Empty soda or water bottle

2. Vegetable Oil

3. Food coloring of your choice

4. A tablet of Effervescent (Such as Alkaseltzer)

5. Flashlight (Optional)

Step 1: Clean Your Bottle of Choice

Make sure the bottle is completely rinsed and thoroughly cleaned before starting.

Step 2: Fill Bottle 3/4 Full of Vegetable Oil

Take the vegetable oil and fill the bottle approximately three quarters full, leaving room to add water to the mixture.

Step 3: Fill the Remaining Space in the Bottle With Water

After adding in the vegetable oil, add in water to fill the bottle. Make sure to leave a little room for the liquid to expand once the tablets have been dropped in.

Step 4: Add a Few Drops of Food Coloring

Do not add too much food coloring, two or three drops will work just fine for a 12 oz bottle.

Step 5: Break Effervescent Tablet Into Small Pieces

Break the tablet down so you are able to drop it into the bottle.

Step 6: Drop the Small Pieces of Efervescent Tablet Into the Bottle.

Drop the broken tablet pieces into the bottle one by one.

Step 7: Wait for Tablet Pieces to Dissolve

Allow 1-2 minutes for the tablets to fully dissolve.

Step 8: Put the Cap Back on the Bottle

Make sure the bottle is closed so you don't make a mess. Once the tablets have been dropped in the liquid will expand slightly. (May cause the bottle to overflow if filled too high).

Step 9: Slowly Shake the Bottle to Mix

Slowly swirling the bottle will separate the oil and the water, creating bubbles that move inside the bottle.

Step 10: Place Flash-Light to Provide the Glow for Your New Lava Lamp

Having a flashlight will illuminate the entire bottle creating a cool effect.