Introduction: Homemade Auto Feed Solder Gun for Soldering Iron DIY

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In this instructable, you will learn how to make an auto feed solder machine at home from simple components DIY.

Requirements :-

- geared dc motor

- 5 to 15 v dc supply

- solder

- soldering iron

- ir emitter

- ir receiver

- npn 13009

- npn 8050

- 1 k ohm resistor

- rubber pulley

- nuts & bolts

- wires

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Step 1: Mechanical Connections :

Take an open gear dc motor and place the rubber pulley exactly as shown in the pictures.Place it in a way that it gets in contact with the gear of the motor.

Now take a metal or plastic case similar to the one i have used and place the solder roll to it.Place the solder wire through the rubber pulley as shown.

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Step 2: Electronic Connections :

Take transistor npn 13009 and npn 8050 an connect them together as shown.Now take the ir receiver and connect it to npn 8050 transistor.

After that being done, simply connect the collector of 13009 to the motor terminal and to that same terminal, + ve of ir emitter will also be connected.

- ve of the ir emitter will be connected to the emitter terminal of 13009 an to - of the power supply.

+ ve of power supply will be connected to the + ve of ir emitter

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Step 3: Testing :

Turn the power supply on and simply place the soldering iron over it and you will see that the solder comes automatically out from the machine without pressing any switch.

This happen because the ir emitter & receiver have been placed in parallel as shown so when the soldering iron is placed on the machine, the ir rays get reflected to the receiver and it activates.

So guys, that's all for today,

Thankyou !


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