Introduction: Homemade Bath Salt

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Always wanted to make something like this However, it is very simple, cool smelling and can become real decoration for every bath room. A bath salt made from natural sea salt is also very very useful.

Step 1: Bath Salt, What For?

Sea Salt strengthens immune system, heals bone disorders, it is beneficial for respiratory system. Sea Salt is useful for all the types of skin, making it soft and beautiful. Sea Salt is rich with calcium, which cleans up skin pores. It can be also used as a natural scrub.
Baking soda softens the skin, together with the Sea Salt it gives detox effect.

The essential oils I decided to use have anti-bacterial and anti-viral effect. These three are one of the most popular existing essential oils, because of unique healing and beneficial properties.

I decided to add a lil bit of Calendula Oil as I just like the combination of Calendula and Lavender. It is a powerful desinfector, with anti-bacterial, pain reducing and immunostimulant properties.

Step 2: Ingredients

To make the Bath Salt ready we just need to mix all the ingredients. Soda and Sea Salt must be mixed very properly until all this becomes homogeneous. Than add Calendula Oil and seeds and flowers for decoration. Essential oils should be added at the very end, as they are volatile and will lose a part of their properties if you mix them earlier.


  • Sea Salt ( can be replaced by usual salt ) 850g
  • Baking Soda 150g
  • Lavender Essential oil 5-7 drops
  • Peppermint Essential Oil 5-7 drops
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil 5-7 drops
  • Calendula Oil 1-2 table spoon
  • For Decoration: Lavender Flowers, Corflower.

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