Introduction: Homemade Blush Lip Gloss! Super Easy! Environment Healthy!

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First, you are going to need the materials! I promise this is super basic, and it doesn't require any oils.

This takes four super easy ingredients I am sure you can find at your house. Also, it's kid-safe, with no bright, fake colors or itchy chemicals. This is healthy for your lips and the environment, so it's kind of a win-win. I have looked at many different supposedly 'easy' lip gloss recipes, but they all have weird ingredients like castor oil, or beeswax, jojoba oil (what the heck is that supposed to be???), the list goes on. I needed a super easy recipe I could make in large batches, and this is what I came up with. Enjoy!


- Vaseline/petroleum jelly

- Hand lotion (makes it soft and creamy)

- old blush

- old chapstick (optional)

- toothpaste (optional)

- food coloring (optional, only if you want a really bright color

- stirring stick like a toothpick

- container with lid

Step 1: Mix All Ingredients

First, you will want to add the lotion, then the blush. Use any tool you'd like to get the blush out. Next, take a chunk of chapstick and mix it in with the other two ingredients. Last, add a spoonful of petroleum jelly. This will give it a nice gloss. I add the chapstick just because it gives a nice scent and thickness. Add the toothpaste now (if using) for a nice tingle and mint scent. One drop of food coloring will do.

That is seriously all you need to do! No essential oils, no 'jojoba' oil (still don't know what that is), just basic ingredients that will nourish and help your lips.

Step 2: Enjoy!

I recommend adding toothpaste, I really do! You can party your pants off with eyeshadows, lip balms, do whatever you want! If you have any suggestions, please comment and I will try to get back to you. I made a couple of different colors and froze them in different containers to take with me. I used red food coloring, as you can see in the pictures above.

To apply, just use your finger. if you're a neat freak, a toothpick will do just fine. I like how the blush gives a natural pink color, while the lotion makes it soft and creamy. This stuff is amazing, and I recommend making a travel batch too. I hope you liked my recipe, see you next time!