Introduction: Homemade Babybel Putty

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Most of you guys probably know what Babybels are. A round piece of cheese covered in wax. So go ahead and eat the cheese, but save the wax. That's what we need. This is super simple, and you can make a ton along with having a fresh cheesy snack! So if putty's your thing, this is for you.

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- Babybel cheese wax!

Step 1: Take Wax Off!

So most of you know how to peel a Babybel. Keep the wax, eat the cheese. Pretty basic. But if you're asking about the string you pull to peel it, don't use that in your putty. It's paper, and that doesn't go into putty!! So try to take some of the wax off the strip or just leave it. Once you have your wax, you are ready to start! Remember that one Babybel doesn't make a ton of putty, so you may want to have multiple for a good amount. My picture example is 5 Babybels.

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Step 2: Knead, Knead, Knead!!!

This step may take a while, so be patient. All you have to do is knead. It'll be stiff at first, but really get in there, and soon it will soften up. This is just pure wax, so it will stick to some things when warm from playing. You can go crazy with decorations, but keep in mind the wax is red, so it will be a little hard to dye. If you let it sit out overnight it will get hard, but more kneading will bring it back to being soft. That's what I like about this stuff, It literally lasts forever. Have fun and enjoy my one-step putty!