Introduction: Homemade Bow and Arrow

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Materials Required

  1. Toilet Paper Tube -1
  2. Bamboo Skewers - 2 to 3 (or as per requirement)
  3. Rubber band (stretchable) - 1
  4. Colored papers - 1 to 2 (or as per requirement)
  5. Gum - 1
  6. Scissor - 1
  7. Cottons - a little
  8. Cello tape -1

The homemade bow and arrow is completely safe for children to use. It is made using available things at home and by recycling toilet paper tube. The below steps explains how to make a basic model homemade bow and arrow. Variations can be made by adding more colors and decorations. Enclosed [Video]

Step 1: Making of Toilet Paper Tube Bow

  • Make a hole in the center of the toilet paper tube. This hole will serve both as inlet and outlet for the arrow we will be making in the following steps.

  • Cover and paste a yellow colored paper over the toilet paper tube including the ends. Make sure that the hole is seen.

Step 2: Making of the Bow String

  • Mark and make a small cut at either end of the toilet paper tube. Similarly do the same on the other side of the paper tube.
  • Pass the rubber band over the cuts on the top and the bottom of the paper tubes.
  • Make one side of the rubber band strong and let the other side be stretchable. The former will impart the required grip for the bow string and the latter will make sure to extend our arrow to the desired length.

Step 3: Making of the Arrow

  • Take a bamboo skewer and cut the sharp end off.
  • Using some cotton, cover the cut end and tape it using a cellotape. This will reduce children getting hurt while using and playing with them.
  • Now, cover the bamboo skewers with colored paper and tape it.
  • Make a small cut on the other end of the skewer so that it stands on the rubber band when you are ready to launch the arrow.

Step 4: Completed Bow and Arrow

  • The completed look of the bow and arrow (above) is made using and recycling things at home. It is a complete homemade bow and arrow which is quite harmless but entertaining for the kids.
  • Variations can include

-adding more decorations for the paper tube

- adding watered and colored sponge/cotton to make the striked place colorful.

- Bigger models can be made using long tubes.

Step 5: Working of Completed Bow and Arrow

The enclosed video shows the working of the completed bow and arrow. How far does this fly? Yes, it flew as far as my little one stretched to strike :)

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