Introduction: Homemade Clamp From PVC Pipe


Clamp, it's a cheap tool. A few pieces are enough to always be at hand. But if a large number of Clamps are required, then the cost grows significantly. It is good that you can make a clamp with your own hands. The model is simple to manufacture and easy to operate. To make the clamp you will need a piece of PVC pipe. The thicker the walls, the greater the compression ratio.

Step 1:

1. You need to cut the pipe lengthwise

Step 2:

2. Attach the handles and mark where the entry holes will be.

Step 3:

3. Mark where there will be exit holes for handles.

Step 4:

4. Then take the drill to the size of our handles. I have a handles 10 mm.

Step 5:

5.Stainless steel fully threaded stud 1m cut into 4 parts

Step 6:

6. Using a screwdriver, screw the stud into the holes

Step 7:

7, I marked the holes for the handles so that I could use the clamp with one hand

Step 8:

8. The grip force of the small clamp from the store.

Step 9:

9. The grip force of my clamp

Step 10:

Our clamp is ready. Thus it is possible to make clips and longer.

Hope you like my DIY.
Best whishes !

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