Introduction: Homemade Cucumber Facial Mist

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Well Skincare options are countless today.

Each brand has tons of products to offer for a skin problem, or even before the problem can crop up.

Some work, some don’t and some others that work for your skin do not seem to work for your pocket – right?

In this Instructable i'm gonna show you how to prepare a Facial Mist using Cucumber where you can also prepare it many other things.

Step 1: Things Needed

A Cucumber.



Container(to store)

Step 2: Peal and Chop

Now, there can be two ways out. In case you want to use it solely as a toner and would probably use it once or twice a day, you can straight away churn it, sieve out the juice and store. My aim is to prepare a facial mist cum toner which requires it to be a bit more liquefied. I am going by the other way for this reason. I’ll start cutting the cucumber in horizontal strokes first.

I need very small pieces of cucumber, so I am giving vertical cuts as well. I will cut from the base to get fine and equal sized chopped cucumber pieces.

Step 3: Heat the Pieces

Now keep a vessel on the stove and turn on the flame.

Add a little amount of water into the vessel and start heating .

Now add chopped cucumber pieces into the water.

Keep the pan on a low flame now for 5-7 minutes in total.

Now, put the flame off and let the cucumber water cool down a bit. It would take approximately 10 minutes to cool down to the level we want.

Step 4: Blending

Transfer the cucumber pieces along with the water to a mixer jar.

Turn on the mixer for around 20 seconds keeping the mixer speed at the 1st level.

Now you have this.

Step 5: Sieve & Serve

We are nearly done with the procedure and guess what? I am already excited to spray it on my face! We have to now sieve the juice out and that will separate the bigger pieces.

Filter the juice and collect it directly into a storage bottle or a glass for the moment, like the way I have done.

That’s it, our cucumber facial mist / toner is ready! Refrigerate it in a clean bottle and spray as and when required

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