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Introduction: Homemade Delicious Almond Milk

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Never thought it would be so easy and delicious making Almond Milk at home!

This is a simple recipe with some simple step-by-step pictures but so valuable and I would like to share it with you.

All you need is:

1 cup of almonds

3 cups of water


Cheese cloth


A bowl or a pot to sit the strainer

Step 1: Soaking

Soak 1 cup of almonds overnight

Step 2: Rinse Almonds

Just give it a quick rinse.

Step 3: Blending Almonds

Add Almonds in a blender with 3 cups of water and blend for one minute, It will look foamy and thick, just beautiful.

Step 4: Setting the Cloth

Set the cloth on the strainer over a big bowl or a pot.

Step 5: Pouring the Mix

Pour the silk almond milk over the cloth.

Step 6: Let It Drain.

Let the mix drains completely, you can also squeeze with your hands to get all the milk out.

Step 7: No Waste.

This is what was left in the cloth after draining all the milk. I always keep what is left and use as a face exfoliate or a mask, just fantastic!

Step 8: Ready!

Now that your Almond milk is ready, you can drink it chilled as it is, on smoothies or any recipe that calls for regular milk. Almond milk is healthy and delicious, as for me and my family it is our daily milk. Enjoy it!

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    Tip 4 years ago on Step 7

    The almond "mash" that is left over could be used in baking. Spread it out on a cookie sheet to dry and it would be great used in cookies or cakes.


    4 years ago on Step 8

    Thanks for shairing ! I can't wait to try this out ! I spend alot of money on almond milk. I can't drink milk. I'm lactoise intollerant.


    Tip 4 years ago

    I make my almond milk with creamy almond butter - no straining necessary.


    Tip 4 years ago on Step 4

    I find using voile much better than cheesecloth, you only need one layer, about 20 in square. Voile is strong, doesn't stretch, and is easy to rinse. I hang mine on the back of a chair so it dries very quickly. One piece will last for months. I make almond milk every other day, using a Vitamin blender.


    Tip 4 years ago

    It is possible not to strain it, that way despite some little grittiness, it is more whole some and has much more nutrients, more comparable to dairy milk. That is the way I make almond milk. To make it silkier, after soaking overnight, skin the almonds before blending.

    A liter of milk contains about 120 grams of solids, so I use about the same quantity of almonds.


    Question 4 years ago on Step 8

    Do you need to use a heavy duty blender like a Vittamix, or will a Ninja blender handle this? Or a Cuisinart food processor?


    4 years ago

    Great instructable. Want almond milk even easier?

    - Put 1 teaspoon of creamy almond butter in your blender

    - Put 1 cup of water in your blender

    - Push the button for 15 seconds. Let go

    - DONE! You now have nose ticklingly frothy, nutty, slightly gritty, home style almond milk!


    I wrote a bit more about it here with some modifications https://www.lee.org/blog/2013/10/28/make-your-own-...

    But those simple instructions will take you to almond town!


    Reply 4 years ago

    This sounds quick and handy!

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    Homemade is always best. It is fresher and no preservative.