Introduction: Homemade Dog Treats!

If you have a picky dog like mine this will hopefully work for you. My dog does eat but it seems he only eats when he really has to. He will go the whole day without eating because he is picky. We've gone through so many different kinds of dog food. The one he has now he likes but still wont eat. So I'm making these treats/food toppers to help him eat.



Peanut butter


Ice cube tray


Step 1: Time to Mash !

First off grab some banana(s)

Also grab a bowl.

Mash the banana(s) in the bowl

BTW there is no specific mesurments.

Step 2: Let's Mix It Up!

Scoop out some peanut butter (mine is plain nothing added)

I'm not going to use a lot so it isn't too sweet

Than mix the peanut butter and mashed bananas

Step 3: Let's Make It Cute!

Now put your mixture in the ice cube tray

If you don't have one or don't want to use one it's fine

You can skip this step

Using the mixture as a food topper instead is a good alternative

Step 4: Almost Done...

Now with your mixture in the ice cube tray...

You can put it in the fridge to get harder

Or put it in the freezer ( this is quicker)

Step 5: Time to Eat for Your Puppers!

After it is done cooling serve it to your dog.

My dog loves this as a treat and food topper

I hope you enjoyed! Bye!