Homemade Evap. Air Cooler DIY - Super Simple "Table Top" Air Cooler - Can Be Solar Powered!




Introduction: Homemade Evap. Air Cooler DIY - Super Simple "Table Top" Air Cooler - Can Be Solar Powered!

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this instructable shows how to make a simple "personal space" evap. air cooler

Step 1: Watch the Video...

Step 2: Read the Description...

Homemade Evap. Air Cooler. This "desk top" size DIY Air Cooler is about as simple as they get. made with only 3 things. a metal hanger, a wash cloth and a small fan. in a dry climate it will produce a 15-20F air temp. drop. (the drier the climate the better these work). good for use as a "personal space" air cooler (blow it directly on yourself as it will not cool an entire room). for added cooling effect you can place the wet wash cloth in your freezer for 3-5 minutes before placing on hanger. also, slowing the fan speed can help to increase the effect of the air cooler.

Step 3: First: Gather Your Items...

1.) metal hanger

2.) computer case fan (or other small fan)

3.) wash cloth

Step 4: Then Bend the Hanger (as Shown)

Step 5: And Lastly, Wet the Washcloth and Lay It Over the Hanger

just lay the wet washcloth over the hanger *as shown and flip on the fan! for extra cool air you can just the wet washcloth in the freezer for 3 to 5 minutes or more and then drape over hanger.

Step 6: And Stay Cool!

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    5 years ago

    That's a great simple solution! It would be really cost effective :)


    Reply 5 years ago

    hi there. agreed. my favorite projects are the ones where you already have everything you need to make it at home (but just never thought of combining it all into a usable device)