Introduction: Homemade Gumball or Chocolate Vending Machine

I invented this Vending Machine with materials found at home although some parts are found at Electronics Store. This is my fourth invention but this is my first published design. I have invented a lot of vending machines and this one is easier to create.

Step 1: Material Preparations

I can not show you the exact photos since I've already created this but I will try to disassemble this one just for you.

You are going to need these:

-Cardboards (thin folders will do)
-Stick Glue
-Wires - preferably small diameter wires(I used wires coming from my last crane invention.)
-Small box
-DC Motor
-Rubber (I used loom band since it is small, perfect for this.)
-Any size of Aquarium Glass (I used cracked glass for the reason of "Recycling".)
-Ruler, Scissors, Crafting materials, and, etc.

Step 2: Make Tracks.

Make tracks for the gumballs and choco balls. Cut the folder according to your desired sizes. Make lines on both sides and use your ruler to fold the lines. Make at least 4 of these. Use your stick glue to make those track stick to the walls of the glass. The tracks should be inclined for the balls may able to roll down.

Step 3: Create the Vendor Box.

This is the hardest step of this invention that I may not able to explain how exactly this is made.Create this by using a rectangular box. Create a Z-like folder that has thrice size length (in relation to the width of the box) and width equal to the size of the width of the rectangular box. Stick the motor to the box. Create a slit on the lower part of the box and insert the Z-like folded card. This part enables the action of releasing balls while stopping the other balls from falling down. This results of releasing one ball at a time. Connect the Z-like structure to a rubber band to close the passage temporarily. When the vendor box is activated, the motor pulls the Z-like part causing to release one ball.

Step 4: Make Your Coin Slot.

You can use your own design in making this one. Make a slot and connect a passage in which your coin would be able to pass through. Put your sensor in there to detect the coin. This triggers the timer.

Step 5: Create the "stopping Area".

Just connect the end of the track to this part. This part will be the stopping area of the ball. Customers will get the product in this area. Reminder: You could put your timer in any part of the machine.