Introduction: Homemade Key Ring and Coat Hanger


If you also never know where to put your keys, your mask or your coat, this device is made for you! Indeed, this homemade object will allow you to stop messing up your coat, losing your keys at the bottom of your bag or not knowing where your mask is.

In this project, I will show you how to easily build this nice-looking key ring and coat hanger!



- One spoon (or maybe two if you want an additionnal coat hanger)

- The old rings of a binder

- A wooden board

- 3 or 4 screws

- Supports to attach to a door


- A drill

- A screwdriver

Step 1: The Holes

First, you have to remove the old rings of your binder

Then,using your drill, it is necessary to make a hole in the center of your spoon and make two holes at the ends of the old rings as you can see on the picture.

Step 2: The Fixation

Using the screwdriver, you have to simply screw the screws into the preformed holes of the spoon and the rings on the wooden board.

Ps: it will be easier to bend the spoon first before attaching it.

Step 3: The Support

You can take the same support as in my photo, that is to say two rods hung by two screws on the back of the wood plate to allow you to hang it on your door.

But other options are available to you, such as nailing your wooden plaque on a wall.

Step 4: Decoration

The last step is the coolest, indeed it is possible to decorate your coat rack. But I let your imagination take care of it!

Ps: it is preferable to paint the support before doing the first 3 steps.