Introduction: Homemade Nerf Grip

This grip is make out of the Sling Strike. So if you don't have this Nerf gun you might what to use a piece of wood in the shape of a grip. This grip is very simple and easy.


Nerf attachment

Sling Strike Nerf gun

A Saw

A Knife

And a drill

And Glue

Step 1: Getting the Two Piece for the Grip

First you need to get the attachment part on the bottom. You first remove the screws and ,then the part will either easily come out or you will have to pry open the bottom to force the piece out. For the other piece you will just have to take apart the Sling strike and remove everything from the gray grip piece.

Step 2: Proparing the Grip

Next you will saw off everything but the grip looking piece, so the little wing things, and then saw the top flat then if you want to you can sand the top to make it smooth.

Step 3: Drilling the Holes and Attaching Both Pieces

To do this you will mark where the wholes should be. Then drill the holes but make sure that the attachment piece is facing the right way. Then to put them to together you can glue or hot glue them together. Then you are done, you paint it to make it look better.

Step 4: Thank You

Thank you for reading this Inscrutable, it was my very first one so if you like it follow me i will definitely be doing more of these.