Introduction: Homemade Pizza Sauce ☆with Tomatoes☆

I recently picked tomatoes from my garden and was like... I do not want these to just sit and go bad on the counter like they usually do. (tomatoes are not to popular in my house)
So I decided to make Pizza sauce... looking it up all i found were recipes that needed tomato paste and tomato sauce.... I was like but I got tomatoes!
So i was like fine I looked up how to make tomato paste and played around with the rest.

This recipe takes a lot of time but not much effort. But if you dont want to put the time into thickening tomato goop its probably best not to do this recipe.

*This recipe takes around 2 hours*


Tomatoes (any amount?)
Olive Oil
Spices (adding to taste)
-Italian Seasoning
-Garlic Power
-Onion Power
- Salt (can replace onion or garlic powder withthe salt variety)

Step 1: Recipe

So this recipe is pretty changable just wanted to say i am writing how i made it but you can use more or less ingredients then me

Roughly chop the tomatoes (i had about 3.5 lb)
Heat them in a pot to boiling
Boil them for about 2 min to soften them
Add splash of olive oil and salt mixing it in.

using a food mill or a metal sieve and a rubber spatula press it though into another pot
*compost the skins and seeds of the tomatoes*

Step 3
*This takes 1-2 hours*
Heat on medium to lightly boiling stirring it ever 20 or so minutes so it does not burn on.
*I did it on medium you can do it on lower*
Continues this process till the mixture is the right thickness. This can be your what you like personally if you like thinner or thicker sauce
*Make note to not have it to thin or it will be watery*

Now that its the right thickness you may season it yay time to make it yummy.
1 tsp Garlic powder
1 tsp Onion Powder
2 tsp italian seasoning
2 tsp oregano
1 tsp
*all these seasoning are about how much i added not exact i kinda was just thowing it in*

Looking up deeper into pizza sauce i saw some people added
- sugar? (Not for my pizza... unless its bbq chicken XD)
- Garlic Salt (i find the powder has more of a garlic taste to it but you may use this instead of the powder just omit thebsalt then if you dont you will get a salty mess)

*All seasonings can be just added to taste add more if you think it needs it*

Step 5
Can it
Freeze it
Have it in the fridge
*Label it*
Whatever you prefer just remember it wont last forever