Introduction: Crochet Outdoor Cellphone Necklace Pouch *pattern Adjustable to the Size of Your Phone

I don't have pants pockets for my phone.. so when I go out to help in the garden I carry it around in my armpit... not the greatest idea its easy to drop it.
So i thought to myself a necklace pouch!
Read on to see my crochet pattern for a necklace phone pouch.
You could probably use this to going shopping or something... I use my phone for my grocery list so i am constantly digging it from my purse or pocket..


Yarn *i think acrylic is probably best
Crochet hook *size for your yarn
Yarn needle
Water to drink! Keep hydrated folks

Step 1: Pouch Pattern

1. Make a chain the width of your phone
2. Sc 2 in 2nd chain from hook, sc till last ch then sc 4 in last chain, start working on other side sc along it and 2 sc in the last stitch. Slip stitch.
3-??. Ch 1 sc around slip stich to top of first stitch. *this can be replaced by another stitch type like hdc, or dc...
*repeat 3 till you reach the desired cover size, I made it to only cover 2/3 of my phone so it would not cover the speakers and I could listen to music while walking around the backyard.
☆☆Don't Fo if you wanna do the necklace

Necklace *this is technically optional? If you are just following this pattern for a cover.
1. Make a chain big enough to go around your neck. *not to long i find yarn likes to stretch... maybe thats just me...
2. Attach to other side of the pouch making sure your chain is not twisted.

Step 2: Decoration!

I myself made a crappy heart applique... but you can add anything you want!
Heart pattern!
1. Ch 2 (i leave a bit of a tail to closed the hole this type of stitch does i prefer magic rings but it did not like this...)
2 sc 7 in the second chain from the hook
3. 2hdc in first stitch, sc, sc, sc ch 1 sc in next stitch, sc, sc, 2hdc in last stitch
Fo leaving tail for stitching on
Use the original tail to shut the butthole the chain 2 circle creation starter makes......