Homemade Refrigerator

Introduction: Homemade Refrigerator

We all suffer from the problem of how quickly our food perishes. That is why today one of the most essentials appliances for people's daily lives is the refrigerator. This appliance allows us to prolong the "life time" of several types of products through the process of refrigeration, in addition it provides a stable low temperature that is always necessary in very hot climates. There is a socio-ecological problem that involves all appliances: What to do with them when they stop working ?. Most of them are thrown in the trash or are taken to scrap yards, but both end up having the same purpose, and that is to contaminate the environment in a conscious or unconscious way. That is why it is necessary to let them know that the appliances that we normally consider as old, out of service or damaged still have a very productive use. Did you know that you can build a homemade refrigerator with recycled materials and / or materials that are very easy to find? In this report we will give you all the information you need to know, from materials to the step-by-step procedure to further facilitate the development of this project at home.

Step 1: Materials and Work Tools


- Trupan: 4 pieces of 30cm x 20cm and 2 of 30cm x 30cm

- Acrylic sheet of 30cm x 20cm

- Insulating tape

- 1 handle

- 2 small hinges

- Silicone

- 3 computer coolers

- 2 heat sinks

- 1 source

- 2 black sprays

- Instant glue

- Expanded polystyrene

Work tools:

- Saw

- Cutter

- Glue gun

- Electric drill

- Snap fasteners

- Rule

- Chainsaw

Step 2: Internal Sistem Building Process

Internal Sistem Building:

The internal system was assembled following the following image:

Firstly, the cooler was attached to the power source that is connected to a power outlets.

Secondly, the cooler was attached to a heat sink.

Thirdly, the two heat sink were attached, but in the middle of these the peltier plate was placed with thermal paste in both sides, preventing every kind of overheating. The plate will fulfill the function of receiving the heat on one side and releasing cold on the other.

Fourthly, the two remaining coolers were attached to the sides of the last heat sink.

Step 3: Body Building Process: Step 1

Mark in the trupan the zones that will be perforated, to absorb the air, and cutted, for the exit of the cold air.

Step 4: Body Building Process: Step 2

We painted all the trupan pieces of the desired color, in this case it was black.

Step 5: Body Building Process: Step 3

After placing the internal system on a trupan piece of 30cm x 20cm, the inner wall of the refrigerator was pressed with silicone vertically (90 °).

Step 6: Body Building Process: Step 4

Incorporate the perforated side walls of 30cm x 30cm with silicone to the rest of the body.

Step 7: Body Building Process: Step 5

The mechanism was closed with the two remaining trupan pieces of 30cm x 20cm with silicone.

Step 8: Body Building Process: Step 6

The acrylic door was placed, with the handle and hinges placed, with instant glue.

Step 9: Body Building Process: Step 7

The internal side spaces were filled with expanded polystyrene.

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    4 years ago

    Cool project guys, nicely done!