Introduction: Homemade Slime

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Here's how to make slime - and fast! This project is totally kid-safe. Most slimes need borax or laundry detergent, but if you are making this with kids, those chemicals are very dangerous. This slime can be used as a gift, too. These are all the materials you need:

1 cup (I like to use the little ones from baby food or something like that)


Some contact lens cleaner (it has to be for contacts, the cleaners made for glasses will not work)

Food coloring

Baking powder

Step 1: Adding the Glue

The glue is the most important part. Use liquid glue, because stick glue will not work. Do not fill the cup all the way because later when you will be mixing the slime, the glue can "escape" your cup.

Step 2: Adding the Powder

If you are doing this with kids, the will want to add the powder themselves. However, DO NOT LET THEM TOUCH THE POWDER! They will get the powder everywhere (I know from experience)!!! Add as much powder as you want or until the slime starts to be a little more solid. You will know when you start mixing the slime if you added enough or not.

Step 3: Adding the "magic"

The "magic" is just the contact lens cleaner. Do not add too much, or your slime will be too liquid-y, and do not add too little because your slime will be too falling apart-y.

Step 4: Colors Make It Wonderful!

Now is the time to add food coloring. Do not add more than four drops (unless you are using a bigger cup), even if you are mixing colors.

Step 5: Mix + Smoothing

Mix up all the ingredients. I prefer to mix them with a popsickle stick because when you use spoons, some of the slime remains on the spoon. start mixing it with your hands, smoothing it, and pretty much playing with it.

If your slime is too:

Liquidy----- add some powder

Solid----add some lens cleaner

Sticky--- (this sounds crazy, but) add some glue.

Step 6: Done!

There! Now you are done your slime!