Introduction: Homemade Small Pouch / Dice Bag

I recently started playing Dungeons & Dragons and decided I need a bag for my dice. This is a really simple design that is super easy to make.

Tools & Materials Needed:
Needle & thread
Old t-shirt

Step 1: Cutting the Sleeve

Cut a sleeve off the t-shirt.
Then cut the sleeve in half.
Finally fold the sleeve in half, with the rough hem stitching on the outside. 

Step 2: Readying the Pouch

Mark a half-circle at the bottom of the sleeve so that the hem is on top. 
Cut the excess material and even up the edge if needed. 

Step 3: Stringing the Pouch

Straighten out the paperclip and make a small hook at one end.
Run the paperclip through the sleeve hem and secure the rope through the hook.
Pull the rope through the hem.

Don't worry about cutting down the rope yet; that comes later.

Step 4: Sewing the Pouch

Fold the pouch back so the rough hem stitching is on the outside.
Use the pins to secure the two sides of the pouch in order to keep them straight while sewing.
Starting right below the hem with the string through it, sewing the two sides together all around the edge.
You shouldn't have to continue back up the other side too far, since it's a fold.

Step 5: Final Cleanup

Flip the pouch inside out and make sure everything looks good.
Without pulling the rope tight, adjust one end to the desired length (plus a bit extra) and cut the other end to match.
Tie a knot in each end.

You're done!
Go roll natural 20s and slay all the orcs!