Introduction: Homemade Trumpet

This instructables is going to be about how to make your own home made trumpet from trash!You are going to learn how to to blow the trumpet right to get the right sound.It may have one note but it is a strong one.

Step 1: The Hose

The first step is to get the hose that you are going to blow in, you are going to want to try to get a smaller hose so it is not that long.Also a hose that your mom and dad would let you use.Make sure that you wash the hose for safety.

Step 2: Getting the Mouthpiece

For the second step you are going to have to get a trumpet mouthpiece you can buy one at the store or ask someone to 3D print one.You can just go straight on the hose, if you do then you make sure that it has a brass on the end of it.

Step 3: Know How to Work It

For step three you have to learn how to blow on the hose right first you have to make the outer part of your lips hard then the in part of your lips soft so it can vibrate and make the sound you want.That is all you need to do to make you own homemade trumpet, if you add all of those steps then you should make a good sound, to see what note your are make go to (